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Video Testimonials

What North Star Chiropractic Center Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of North Star Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Lower Back Pain

“I came to Dr. Early’s office b/c I had such bad lower back pain, I could not even walk without being in real pain, so I knew something was wrong…

Dr. Early diagnosed it and explained really carefully and really well so I understood what was going on, and thoroughly explained what the course of treatment was going would be.

As I’ve continued to improve, we know that the treatment’s working. So, therefore, I’ve continued to come back, with continued improvement.”


Back & Shoulder Pain

“I first met dr early when I was suffering from back pain, and assorted shoulder ailments. Dr. Early did some measurements and pointed out some problems related to scoliosis, he did X-rays and a physical. We agreed to a course of treatment. That removed the scoliosis and I never felt the same back pain again. I can drive 6-8 hours. I felt so much better that I stayed with maintenance treatments.”


Back Pain

“My life before was pretty miserable. I’d get up out of bed and my back was just hurting. I’d get out and do some of my housework and make the bed, and my back would seize up. It was miserable. I thought I was probably going down the route of surgery. What brought me here was pain. Ever since, I’ve been coming on and off for eight years. It gave me my flexibility back. I’m able to golf, swim, run and walk.”


Chronic Neck Pain

“I came to see Dr. Early after having chronic neck pain and some acute back pain for about 10 years. I’ve been seeing him for a few months and I’ve never been this pain free since I was 18. It’s been a great experience and I highly recommend coming here”


Motorcycle Accident

“I first came to Dr. Early to address some issues with my back. I had previously been in a motorcycle accident, and I thought my body had moved on, but it hadn’t. Dr. Early really helped me move on and give me the care, exercise and after-care that I needed.”


Patient of Dr. Early For 10 Years

“I met Dr. Early about 10-12 years ago when I was an x-ray tech at a local hospital. At the time, I was seeing another chiropractor. Dr. Early is someone who’s gone far and beyond the treatment I’ve needed. He’s helped me with hip and lumbar pain. I’m very happy with his patient care. He doesn’t rush it and definitely wants to find out how to treat you the best way possible. Now I drive out of the way to come to Dr. Early!”


Feeling Happy and Healthy

“I was referred to Dr. Early by my cousin and I couldn’t be happier. The staff here is terrific. The Doctor assessed things I would have never considered even to be an issue. I was in pain about three months ago, and ever since I got my first 10 visits, I’ve been happy and healthy. I’m incredibly grateful.”


Neck Pain and Migraines

“I’ve been coming here for about two years now. Initially, it was for some neck pain and migraines. I’d tried going to the doctor and medication worked for a while, but the dose kept going up. I wasn’t happy about that so I found Dr. Early. I was skeptical at first, but the combination of massage and chiropractic worked for me. I was able to quit my medicine.”


Pain is Gone!

“I sit at my desk and work on computers as well as travel a lot. This has amounted in a bit of pain throughout my body. Since I’ve been coming on a regular basis, the pain has gone away. I highly recommend anyone come in on a regular basis to have their body checked out.”


Better Mobility After A Fall

“I’ve been coming here to see Dr. Early for over a year now after a fall accident. My body itself has improved so much that I’ve continued to come even though my mobility has improved. I’ve been coming to chiropractors for years, but Dr. Early is very present with you. He has a great touch in doing adjustments and listens to you. He really works with his patients.”



“I have severe scoliosis with rob placement that has fused my spine. I was told I could never do chiropractic because of this. I came to Dr. Early five years ago with severe pain-I was crying every day. Dr. Early was amazing and took x-rays and could work with the parts of my back that could still move. I’ve been pain-free for five years!”



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