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Auto Accident Chiropractic
at North Star Chiropractic Center

Woman holding her neck in pain after an auto accidentThe joints of your body have a physiological limit, a normal range of motion that they are designed to move within. In an auto accident, these limits are exceeded very quickly, and the result can be ligament tears, jammed spinal joints, tendon damage, disc disorders and even neurological dysfunctions.

At North Star Chiropractic Center, we have over two decades of experience helping patients who have sustained biomechanical lesions—and we want to help you, too!

Diagnosis, Prognosis, Management

We don’t assume anything. We begin with a thorough examination that includes chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological assessments, X-rays and state-of-the-art digital range of motion measurements. We may also refer you for additional imaging studies. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we can move on to prognosis: is the problem correctable, and by whom? If your issue is one chiropractic can help with, we will design a care plan to help you meet your goals.

If your issue is not chiropractic, we have a vast network of other trusted practitioners, such as neurologists, orthopedists, physical therapists and more, and we’ll refer you to an appropriate provider. In many cases, patients injured in auto accidents are best served by multiple different specialists. We are happy to co-manage care to ensure you get the best results possible.

We’re Your Guide

Being in an accident is very confusing: do you need a lawyer? What do you do first? How do you get the care you need? We’re here to help you navigate this process to ensure you get the care you are entitled to.

Bring your claim number to your first appointment—if you don’t have an open claim yet, don’t worry! We will help you open one.

Time Is of the Essence

The absence of pain is not a good indicator of injury, so getting checked out as soon as possible after an accident is essential. If you’re not injured, we’ll let you know and send you on your way. But if you are, addressing biomechanical lesions promptly is vital to prevent long-term, permanent degenerative changes.

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